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[09 Jan 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm leaving this journal for good. [Except for gettings icons because I've been friended and joined too many communities to even try to switch to my new name.] My new LJ journal is _redemption [http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_redemption] but I'm not sure what I'll be doing with it yet. I just wanted that name and I already have two greatest journals so I decided to make it over here since I've had this name since my O-Town days. Feel free to add me over at _redemption and I'll add you back, but I'm not so sure about how much updating and commenting will be going on. I'm still totally in love with my greatest journal [http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_leah] like nothing else, so be sure to add me over there if you have one. I hope you all are doing well and feel free to IM me at X06 BLONDiE if you ever want to talk!

2 of you | Love Leah

[02 Nov 2003|02:29pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Um, I'm kind of going to neglect my LJ for a while because I don't do anything with it since I have my GJ and a gillion icons and here I have like three and yeah that sucks. Also, my layout is pretty and I have a mood them and yeah did I mention I have a gillion icons? But if you have a GJ let me know your name + I'll add you. I'm _leah! Bye <3

5 of you | Love Leah

[19 Oct 2003|09:59pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

EEE! So Full House is now on Nick at Nite. It's also on at 5 & 5:30 am so I will now be attempting to wake up at 5:30 each day to watch an episode of Full House cause I'm obsessed. I mean, what is life without Uncle Jesse? Thank God for the 10-10-whatever commercials with him!

14 of you | Love Leah

[15 Oct 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

The Yankees might as well beat the Red Sox tomorrow night. I mean, who wants to see a Sox/Marlins World Series? The Yankees should just go and win the 100th World Series because they do every year anyway. *Yawn* No wonder I never watched baseball before..it's so damn boring..I mean..the damn Cubs..good god..let a 3-1 lead slip away? Lose 3 games in a row? No wonder you haven't been in like 98 years...

2 of you | Love Leah

[11 Oct 2003|10:50am]
[ mood | blank ]

Ok, so sorry I haven't updated. I'm not allowed online cause of my C in Geometry. I just wanted to let you all know. I haven't really gotten to comment or read posts or anything so is everything ok with you guys? I miss you!

2 of you | Love Leah

[27 Sep 2003|12:54am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I've kind of been neglecting LJ except for my friends page, when I just look for icons cause I can have so damn many over at my Greatest Journal. If you have a GJ please tell me about it so I can add you over there. I'm not leaving LJ or anything, I'll probably just be posting over there more. My username is _leah over there, and I need to credit people for all of my icons. So if you've ever made me one and see that it is not credited properly, let me know! See ya!


6 of you | Love Leah

[21 Sep 2003|07:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok, so who wants to know about Leah's new obsession?

It's the movie 8 Seconds! Has anybody ever seen it? So yeah, it's my favorite movie next to Pirates & Clueless. Well I recommend everybody rent it & watch it. I watched it three times in 24 hours and last night I even bought the DVD. Well that sounds like no big deal but I don't even have a DVD player. Yeah, I'm obsessed.

4 of you | Love Leah

[19 Sep 2003|12:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Decided I should update. I got out of school at 12:15 today and soon I am going to go take a nap since I went over to Meg's yesterday to do our Biology project and ended up spending the night and staying up till like 3. Then I had like twenty minutes to get ready for school today. God her alarm clock is the loudest thing I've ever heard. I figured the whole house was woken up.

Oh no the hurricane is moving towards Ohio.

I love John Mayer lyrics.

I'm hungry and yeah that's my whole update.

Love Leah

[14 Sep 2003|03:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Wow I have like five days to discuss.

Wednesday Night
Me and Meg went to the guys soccer game. We went for JV so we could see our Bio boys Michael and Brad. We sat with Emily Emily Emily, Heather Co, and Liz and then they left to go sit on the Northwestern side for the varsity game. Meg's mom came and so did the Parr's and we just hung out with Michael and Brad. Then a little later Kyle came and he was going out to Dexter's I think with Chris to fight Dex and AJ and like shoot them and stuff haha. And I told Kyle "Well I hope your Ford get's shot" and he was like "Well I hope Earnhardt Jr gets shot" haha good times. Then he left and varsity lost and I went home.

Yeah I kinda already talked about it. How we didn't take a moment of silence and all that. So Meg came over at like 4pm after I got home from Student Council and basketball and we started watching my 9/11 tape about this Tony Benatatos firefigher guy. It was the only footage of the first plane hitting tower 1 and the only footage of being inside the tower when it collapsed. And it's so sad and makes me cry all the time. Then we ordered Stuffed Crust Pizza and it was good then we went outside to pick leaves for Bio and we got mosquito bites all over our face.

School was ok since I got to leave 5th period for my cousin Sean's wedding. The drive down was sooo long but the wedding was fun. Sean was going to make me cry cause he was about to cry even before Ally came out and I'm like aww how sweet. And yes it was just a very fun time. I had some Long Island Iced Tea and some other alcohol that was SO good it tatsed like Cherry 7 Up or something.

I went to see Charlie Daniels Band and that was fun then later me and Meg went to the mall and watched Pirates of the Caribbean yeah that was great.

Mom's yelling about everything so I really had to shorten that bye.

1 of you | Love Leah

[11 Sep 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | sad ]

How can people forget? I'd really like to know..because you know what? We didn't even take a moment of silence at school today. Doesn't my principal realize that 3,000 people died and somebody's parent/friend/relative could've been one of them? I saw that not taking a moment of silence at 8:46 or when the plane struck the Pentagon, or when the plane went down in Pennyslvania very disrespectful and I am very offended. If my generation forgets, who's going to remember?

I had more to say..but it's all so irrelevant to what happened two years ago.

In memory.

12 of you | Love Leah

[09 Sep 2003|07:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So I didn't go to school today. I had two student council meetings..and basketball practice which I hate..

It really upsests me about basketball. My coach is my Vo Ag teacher and he is my favorite teacher..but as soon as school is out and he is my basketball coach..he is the biggest asshole known to man. He plays favorite so obvious that it isn't funny and it really pisses me off. I hate high school sports !

OMG I was watching Totally NASCAR tonight and a Reds commercial came on and they were like
like the Reds are JASON'S team! God, I almost cried. Very emotional moment.

Isn't Andy adorable?

I love his tongue!

Ok 8 Simple Rules is about to come on + I have to do my geometry homework from last night..bye!

Love Leah

[07 Sep 2003|07:49pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Today was such a bad day for me. Thank God Andy is happy. Ahh, yes..I'm sure he is very happy! So yeah, for those of you that know what I'm talking about..like savestheday91 wasn't that great?! OMG..when he fell down and started crying and was like wording "I can't believe it" I was about to bawl! God, I just knew he could do it.

But it wasn't such a great NFL Kickoff Weekend. I would just like the Green Bay Packers to think about what the hell just happened.

But speaking of football..my dad needs anger management. Me and my Uncle Bill were watching the Colts/Browns game and the Colts had just won with like, 2 seconds left, and I clapped cause I like the Colts and my dad slapped me on the head because he takes things WAY too seriously and he scares me when he's like seething like that. But ok..first..don't fucking hit me. Kthanks. Man, I just can't even talk about them because I'm gonna get too worked up.

And where is everybody? I never get comments anymore! Are you all having a good school year so far? How's life treating ya?

4 of you | Love Leah

[07 Sep 2003|12:13am]
[ mood | okay ]

A lot has gone on since I last updated. It seems like everyday I can find more things that are wrong. It's really pushing me to do things that I shouldn't. And I kind of like it. I like not being the the Leah that everyone sees me as.

Hi, I love Hal Sparks. I guess he's on some show like Queer As Folk or something but whatever, I know him from I Love The 80's and I Love The 70's. Yeah man, he is so hot!

But anyways, me and Meg went to the mall for like 6 hours today. I got my nails done for the first time in my life. OMG I'm in love with them! They look so good with my diamond!

And I went to Abercrombie and found a couple shirts I want:
Read more...Collapse )

Uhh..I have nothing else to talk about so heres some memogooniegeans or whatever and some other stuff:
Read more...Collapse )

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[01 Sep 2003|09:17pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Guess who I got to stand in the rain for four hours to see?

President Bush

That's right. And no one even likes him..yet, I had to get all wet for him. It was still funny hearing him talk and say words that I don't think are real (even though other people seem to think so) ex: politicken lmao. And it was funny hearing him say Ohio too. But hey, he's famous and he is the President of the United States so it was pretty awesome to be able to say you got to hear him give a speech. My dad was also on national tv and he like called everyone it was so funny.

It was also making me think of Joe Don Rooney from Rascal Flatts cause in the rain I kept singing their song "Prayin' For Daylight". Yeah, I just wanted to through that in there.

We stayed in some place called Medina, Ohio and we had a really nice hotel room. Well, it kicked ass cause a bunch of stuff was on yesterday. I got to watch the end of the NASCAR race, got to catch up on the Real World episodes that I missed..and of course, got to watch Andy win another match.

Wow. Do you realize how much I am infatuated with Andy Roddick's tongue? OH. MY. HOLY. SHIT.

I'm obsessed with it. I would give my life to french kiss him for a while. I seriously think I would honestly do that. I mean, he was eating birthday cake during his interview and I was like "Oh my God, to be that fork..." At least he didn't talk about Mandy yay! Man, isn't it sad that you can go from liking a singer/actress a lot..and then hate them because they are dating your man? I think it is..

Love Leah

and i wanna believe you, when you tell me it'll be okay [30 Aug 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Last night, at the football game, I sat with my good friend Jess and during the whole game, we talked a lot about stuff that needed to be out and now I just feel really good. I think our relationship is gonna be a lot closer now, and it really makes me excited, because she was like, my favorite person when we were in 7th and 8th grade. I'm just so happy about it because I need her! <3

Sadness. It's Andy Roddick's 21st birthday. He is now legal. Shouldn't that mean he can't date Mandy Moore? I hope it does! =(

Me and my sisters and my mom have been playing the card game, called Pounce for like four days straight lol. Has anyone else heard of it? It's so fun and addicting..and we start yelling and cussing and everyone gets so into it.

I have decided to stop watching Passions until at least the winter.

College football is starting. I am going to an Ohio State party tonight. And dude, Meg's boyfriend Kyle went to the Tennessee game tonight! Me=jealous!

I want to order the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean poster online. The one that has just him in it, but like, it's $19.99. Is that too much?

This post is really immature and boring and has not much of importance in it, so I'll just stop.

5 of you | Love Leah

[28 Aug 2003|03:36pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

So I'm fuckin DROPPING Spanish 2. Haha can't wait. Me and Meg are gonna take Survey Of Visual Design instead. We just wanna get our fine art credit out of the way.

Today we actually did work. I didn't want to until Tuesday! Vo Ag was fun again. Then we went late to Adv. English 10. Ugh I hate that class already.

In Spanish 3rd period we weren't even taking notes since we're dropping it tomorrow anyway and then we got out cause we had a class ring assembly.

And then 4th period in Geometry, Klajdi actually came to class today and he was like whispering "Leah..do you get this?" in his little Albanian accent and I was like "NO!" and aww I just LOVE Klajdi!!!

That is all.

2 of you | Love Leah

[27 Aug 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I just got home from my first day of school. And guess what? THERE WAS A TORNADO!.

homeroom- Well I have Gierke. Yay! I <333 him! He is the best! I was already saying ditzy things and making people laugh and I hadn't even started class!

1st Period- Vo Ag 1- Ag is so fun! I already love it! Henry (my basketball coach) is the teacher, and he made us stand up, say our name, our grade, why we took Ag, and what our hobbies are. But yeah, Ag is gonna be a blast!

2nd Period- Advanced English 10- Ugh! We started off by taking a 100 question test. We have another one tomorrow. The only good thing about it is that her room is air conditioned.

3rd Period- Spanish 2- Wow I can't describe how I hate that class. I'm gonna fail and I really wanna drop it, but I have to see on www.utk.edu how many foreign language credits you need for University Of Tennessee.

4th Period- Geometry- so wouldn't you know it that I walk in and we sit down and started our notes? I really just want to cry because of how much I already hate Geometry. Every seat is filled and I really need to be with a good teacher and not very many students so I can learn it better.

5th Period- Honors Social Studies 2- well there are a bunch of people I don't like it that class..but I'm happy because social studies just always makes me really excited lol. I just really like it. But we were just hanging out and suddenly the sky turns totally black and that's when all the tornado brewhaha starts. During 5B we are told to go to our homerooms and I go and start cring cause I thought the tornado was going to carry my doggies away. Then we get packed in a really tight room and I start taking pictures of the first day lmao.

5th Period C- FINALLY Lunch!- which I didn't even get to eat...

6th Period- Study Hall- I have Music and I love him, but I really need to find a teacher so me and Heather can be TA's.

7th Period- Biology- Yay! Bio is gonna kick ass! I don't feel like explaining..but yeah..science I suck at and I know I'm gonna have an A when the year is over.

More later I guess.

4 of you | Love Leah

[23 Aug 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So much to talk about. I'll start with last night.

Brett drove me to Greenon last night for the football game and she pulled into the freshman/sophomore/junior lot and she got all tear eyed and I was like "what? Are you reminiscing?" and she said yeah and that she wanted to stay at the game and I told her to but she didn't have anyone to hang out with..

Then I met up with Meg and Jess and we shared schedules and I'm going in Monday morning to change mine because I don't have Vo Ag with Meg or Jamie but they have it together and I'm so upset. I also don't have lunch with five of my closest friends. WTF is up? I hate my schedule so much that I want to cry. I probably will.

Then we just saw so many people. It was so great and for a moment in made me want school to start. But only for a moment.

2nd quater we went over to the designated smoking section (lol it's not really..it's just where everyone smokes) and we saw a bunch of trucks pull in and Meg and I got all happy because we knew our boys came to the game! Some how we found Jason LeMaster and I just love him bunches and we just hung out with him for about 30 minutes and so much went down. I just love Jason so much and that is so weird because I'm not talking about Jason LaRue! And then Jason asked about Brett and I told her that she brought me and he was like "OH MY GOD! Why didn't she come in?" so I called her and told her that Jason said hi and he told me how beautiful she was and that he had a crush on her since 7th grade. And he was a senior last year even though he didn't graduate. So that was a long time. Anways..I love Jason.

So blah blah blah our football team was supposed to be good this year but we only scored ZERO so yeah we lost. I felt bad for the guys though. Especially Hook.

Today I overslept and had to get ready in ten minutes. I went with my Cousin Lauren, her friend Stacey, Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Bill we went up to Put-In-Bay to see my cousin Sean and his finace Allison do their little park service thing. They act like they are soldiers in the War of 1812 in the part that happened in Lake Erie. Sean was cracking us up. First..all these people came up and started taking pictures with him because he was dressed in his little soldier outfit. I was like "why are they going up to him? They act like he's Mickey Mouse or something." and that made everyone laugh and it's true though. So Aunt Debbie had me, Lauren, and Stacey go and take a picture with him. lol we went up and he was like "Hi, Leah, how are you?" and I was like "hey! how are you?" and dude..it's big because I never get to talk to him! It's so sad! I miss him! And it's really weird cause he's REALLY hot and I'm like wow..he's my cousin, man! And he has really pretty blue eyes and I realized a lot of my family on my daddy's side has blue eyes! I also realized I love Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill a lot. So Sean and Ally performed their little thing and Sean kept cracking jokes during the performance and me and Lauren kept laughing cause he's dumb :-P

Then they came over and talked to us. It's so cute because they are getting married on Sept 12 and I get to go to Cincinnati yay. Hmm..it just makes me happy cause I got to ride on boats and go to an island!

I got 12 strings of Mardi Gras beads and a string of Rebel flag beads! I don't agree at all with what the rebel flag symbolizes, but it's kind of like..what Greenon stands for in a way, so I got them. I was also gonna get me and Meg shot glasses, but I didn't cause I'm cheap.

I really wanted to right more about today and last night and stuff, but I'm so tired. I just really had SO MUCH FUN today spending time on the water and seeing that part of my family. Ahh..yay..I'm finally happy for once.

EDiT: Doesn't everybody LOVE the Sports Center/Dan Patrick commercial on ESPN? The one where they say he wasn't traded to to the Reds then trading back to them again for a minor leaguer to be named later? Hmm..well I bet none of you watch ESPN so nevermind. :END OF EDiT

1 of you | Love Leah

[22 Aug 2003|05:11pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I got my schedule today.

1st- Gemometry Gustafson
2nd- Advanced English 10 Jenkins
3rd- Spanish 2 Sheridan
4th- Vocational Agriculture 1 Henry
5th A & B- Honors Social Studies 2 Maurer
5th C- Lunch
6th- Study Hall First Semester-Music. Second Semester-Smith
7th- Biology Fisher

It's also the first football game tonight and I'm running late..so I need to get ready. I think I'm either getting drunk and spending the night with Meg and going to the soccer game later on tomorrow, or I'm going to Put-In Bay with my cousin Lauren. So it's a busy day.

2 of you | Love Leah

[21 Aug 2003|04:53pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Circle I Limbo

Cheerleaders from my school
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

All the commercials on MTV
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Matt Kenseth
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

The New York Yankees
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Jeff Gordon
Circle VII Burning Sands

Michael Vick
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Love Leah

[20 Aug 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Woot!Collapse )

Love Leah

[19 Aug 2003|01:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

LJ Friends Quiz (stole from _ihs_cheer_05_

{x} who was one of the first persons u added to ur list?
It was either Taylor ixitaylor81ixi or Megan timeless06

{x} Name 5 (or more) users that u'd like to meet in person? why?
ixitaylor81ixix, leavingtoday, and timeless06, gigglesgirl326 and chickadee718 (because they were my boardie friends along with that i've known forever)

{x} Where are most of the users from? They are all scattered..I think a lot of them are from around me..like jill is from ohio..and leavingtoday and _ihs_cheer_05_ are from west virginia

{x} Name 5 newest members of ur LJ!
_ihs_cheer_05_ (is a country fan! and we were watching kenny last night!), alinator (hehe she has all this pics of her in the bathtub when she was little..and i think she is my twin or something cause everything she says somehow relates to me) dixie_senorita (she's a joe don fan yay!), savestheday91 (is the mod on the andy community! and anyone who likes andy is just great!), sunkissed_x (aww she is in spain i hope she is having fun)

{x} Which LJ friend do u wish would update more? why?
dramatic_diva and leavingtoday (because she is gone and i miss her)

{x} Which LJ Friend is the:
sweetest? I do not have non sweet friends lol
update whores? allinator(hehe!)
updates very lil? hmm i can't choose
gives good advice? can't choose that either

2 of you | Love Leah

[17 Aug 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yay! Andy just won the little tennis match thing in Cincy. It's actually not in Cincy. It's in Mason..which is like twenty minutes closer to me than Cincy. It makes me very sad. Andy Roddick is one hour away from me. His very body is so close. Ah..his body just screams "fuck me Leah"

Ahem..sometimes I get carried away. Anyways, Ryan Newman won the race in Michigan. And I think they said on the race that either he or Kurt Busch went to a Reds game this weekend. He probably flew over my house or something. Anyways, if the Reds game were telivised properly, and they would have put the camera on him, I would have known.

Ok, that's all.

Love Leah

[16 Aug 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Ugh. So let me explain to you the hell of the past 78 hours or however many it's been since Thursday night.

Well my parents left for Virginia Thursday morning at 6am and they woke me up to say bye and I'm like, why couldn't you have just left? Well I had to get up at 7:30 to go watch Justin & Colleen and I overslept till 8:15 when Nan, their mom called wondering if I was still babysitting. Haha I felt like shit, I should have known I'd oversleep. And babysitting Thursday was much better than Wednesday. And we watching Monsters, Inc. and something else I think then Ken, their dad came home.

So I walked home and just sat around and I think I watched like five Friends episodes. I know I watched 3 from 7-8:30. And Brian, my brother in law finally came to get me at 9:30.

Friday nothing really happened. I got up and then like 4 hours later I showered and got ready for Friday night, cause I thought I was spending the night with Meg, but that didn't happen, so I babysat Kyle and Kaitlyn my niece and nephew and then Sara and Brian came home with The Lizzie McGuire Movie and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and so we watched TLMM and then..

I watched The Green Bay Packers game that I was supposed to be at and GB won woohoo.

I also watched The Reds game and found out that MY JASON WAS BATTING SECOND!!!!! THAT IS THE BEST HE'S EVER GOT TO BAT! And at his first at bat, he hit a home run! Yay for J!

Then, I watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days by myself when everyone went to bed, because I had to stay up till 1:30 when the Carson Daly show came on.

Ok..so I loved Carson in 6th grade..but then grew to hate him after he made fun of O-Town day after day on TRL. So how convinient that my Boonie was on Carson's show last night.

Carson starts off by saying like The newest member of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone. Ok, whatever, he may be Yankee for the time being, but he will ALWAYS really be a Red, and he knows it. You should of heard Boonie talking last night. He made me cry the whole show..because I was just looking at him..and my heart ached because I miss him. He said how people like Sean Casey and Adam Dunn were his brothers and it just broke my heart.

Then some lady off of Sex In The City or Sex and The City or Whatever The Hell It's Called was on. She was Lucy's mom off Crossroads too. And so supposedly she's written a book about called The Female Orgasm or something and she started talking about female ejaculation and shit with Aaron. WTF? He doesn't care..he talked about his wife the whole show. And she was telling him how she was a Mets fan..but he could convert her. Thanks, but no thanks. Back the fuck up Lucy's mom.

And today I babysat Kaitlyn AGAIN. And before my parents picked me up at 7 and took me to McDonalds all I had all day was a bowl of Easy Mac. That stuff is good..but I was really hungry. I watched CMT all day..and I got to watch Rascal Flatts Melt On the Beach concert so I got to see Joe Don with his shirt off. And I watched Kenny Chesney Back Where I Come From like twice. That brings my total to watching that to about 10. I'm taping it tomorrow night so I can stop watching it off tv.

Aw, Kaity was being so cute today. Brian bought a stuffed fox at a garage sale (because he's like that) and whenever Kaity and me would walk by she would cover her eyes and hide because she was scared. And we would get in her bed and put her Tinkerbell quilt over us and I would tell her we were hiding and she would start laughing because she couldn't keep quiet and she gave me like 400 kisses today!

And now I'm pissed. Because I just listened to the messages from when I was away and Chelsey called twice today. First she wanted me to go to Kings Island and then she called back asking if I wanted to go to The Ohio State Fair.

Do any of you remember my post from last week about that? I COULD HAVE GONE BACK TODAY AND SEEN NATE <3 but OF COURSE my sister wouldn't bring me home today when I asked and if she did I could have gone back and seen Nate <3 and that's just a prime example of how she tries to ruin my life. Arg!

4 of you | Love Leah

[13 Aug 2003|03:48pm]
[ mood | full ]

Ok, so I had to babysit my neighbors Justin & Colleen today from 8-1:30 and I have to do it again tomorrow. And everyday until school starts. God, I could barely stand today. I had to wake up at 7:45 and then since they are brother and sister they fought and stuff all day. They were knocking stuff over and running around and dirtying the house up. But that's okay. I'm getting a lot of money. And I get to watch good movies too.

Like today, we watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie and I was so psyched cause I was flipping out cause I hadn't seen it yet. It's a bit far fetched, but that's Disney for you. But it's ok because it's Lizzie McGuire. Am I the only one who likes Kate?

Haha..poor kids..I also made them go find both Harry Potter DVD's so I could watch Sean Biggerstaff. I paused it on the one shot during the Quidditch match in the 2nd one for about ten minutes. But that's ok because Oliver is hot. I mean, he was there, in his little outfit stradlling a broomstick. Then, we watched scene 17 in the 1st one 3 times. I'm sorry, but there is nother hotter than Oliver Wood explaining Quidditch. I mean, damn! Sure, he was a little skinny, but that's okay, he can fill out.

This morning, my Mom kinda made it sound like I didn't have to go to Virginia and that I could stay at my sisters this weekend..in Enon where I could find somewhere to get drunk and have a hangover without my being at home and my parents knowing. Then she made it sound like I had to go VA. I wish she'd make up her mind so I could make plans.

Ok, so I have a ton of quizzes and memegoonaies or whatever they are called to post. Beware..there are a lot.
I love Jack SparrowCollapse )

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